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So What is Video Marketing?

There has been a great deal of discussion in the marketing world lately about video marketing.

This form of marketing has become one of the least expensive ways for any business to advertise and in many cases it has been one of the most successful ways to increase name and brand recognition.

So what is video marketing and how can in help any sized business to successfully market their products and services?

Video Marketing is...

Video marketing is the result of both technological advances and the rise of social media and video sharing networks.

Essentially, a business creates a short video based on their company and then uses a variety of social media outlets and network sharing websites to get as many online viewers to see it as possible.

The point of making such a video may not be to necessarily advertise the business or the product, it could be about anything.

Many companies have had a great deal of luck producing funny or heart-warming videos that do not directly represent the company.

The point of video marketing is to create a form of video content that captures the attention of online viewers and gets them to share it with their friends.

Video Marketing is...

Video marketing is an easy way for a business to inform potential customers about the company.

These videos can be used to tell the company’s story, tell viewers about the company’s mission and core values, explain a bit about the people behind the company, display the company’s good deeds and charity contributions or to showcase the business’s product or service.

If created with quality content and made to be engaging to online viewers, a short and simple video could end up receiving millions of online hits.

This can vastly increase the business’s product awareness or brand recognition, a concept that can be directly translated into revenue.

Since producing videos is inexpensive, video marketing campaigns can produce a lot of results for a small investment.

This makes it a very attractive advertising formula for many businesses.

Video Marketing Can Increase Awareness of Your Business

Video marketing represents one of the most commonly used advertising strategies in today’s social media and online networking world. 

This form marketing requires very little investment on the part of the business and has the potential for large rewards. 

These rewards typically come in the form of customer awareness. 

So how can a video marketing campaign increase a business’s awareness in the eyes of potential customers?

Increase Sales and Revenue

Millions of people utilise online tools like social media websites and video sharing networks every day.

This makes these online sites very useful marketing tools for companies looking to access an unlimited number of potential viewers.

One of the most successful ways for a business to incorporate video marketing into their advertising strategies is to use video to promote awareness of the company’s name.

By directly engaging viewers by getting them to view a video and then share it with their friends, a business can increase their name recognition, their brand awareness and generate more leads.

More awareness can translate to increases sales and revenue down the road.

Increases Google Rank

Not only does a video marketing campaign increase the public’s awareness of a specific business, it also provides an easy way for business’s to track how well their campaign is working.

Video marketing can be a very effective tool for gauging what techniques are grabbing the attention of certain viewers and which techniques are not working.

This allows the business to be flexible in their online advertising campaigns and to make immediate changes to their strategy.

Finally, a properly executed video marketing strategy will vastly increase a company’s search engine rankings if video SEO practices are used.

This can help ensure that a company is listed in the top 10 results on search engines like Google, which is a guaranteed way to increase awareness from online viewers.

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