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The Main Channel

A Facebook page is essential for any small business operating in today’s online marketplace, and it is a great tool for reaching out to customers and getting direct feedback. 

Setting up a business Facebook page can really expose your business to customers and improve your search results in major search engines like Google. 

However, you will have to do more than just posting some basic information and a picture if you want your business’s Facebook page to really help market your business.

Insider Secrets

Here are some insider secrets to creating the best Facebook page for your business:

  • Post pictures at the right times

  • Talk about your customers

  • Keep it fresh

  • Add personality

  • Think about page rankings

  • Use a Profile picture and a Cover picture

  • Change your page’s URL

Is Facebook for Me?

Plenty of small businesses launch a Facebook page and after a few weeks are still wondering why they don’t have any more than a handful of Likes and fans.

Some become so discouraged by it that they give up on the site altogether, thinking that “Facebook just isn’t for them.”

Truthfully, Facebook probably is for them, they just made some very common mistakes that kept their page from reaching its fullest potential.

Common Mistakes to Avoid.

Here are the most common mistakes you need to avoid.

  • Turning posts in pitches

  • Disabling the wall

  • Not responding to comments

  • Posting too often or not enough

  • Thing of the Page as an extension of your profile

  • Linking facebook page to other social media sites

  • Thing of it as one campaign, rather than a long-term thing

  • Rushing it!

  • Using automatic updates

  • Not posting rules

  • Not maintaining consistency.

Gaining Followers

The whole point of having a Facebook page is to get people to Like and follow it.

These followers can help increase your business’s bottom line as well as helping you to gather more customers.

Proven Ways to Get Followers

Here are some ways to help you get more followers:

  • Post a status on your profile

  • Ask members to upload and tag photos

  • Utilise custom iframes

  • Put a “Like” box on your website

  • Incorporate your page into all your marketing campaigns

  • Put your URL in your email signature

You're Bound to Have Questions

When creating your business’s Facebook page you might feel overwhelmed at the sheer amount of questions that you have.

Take heart knowing that lots of people have those same questions and we’ve got the answers.

We're Here To Help!

Social Media Management can be a complex process, but it is also tantamount to your business success. To make the most of your social media channels, you may want to enlist the help of qualified and competent professionals like us, 247Marketing. 

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